The Per Brahe prize

Since 1987 the Åbo Akademi University Foundation has awarded the Per Brahe prize to promising researchers at Åbo Akademi whose association with the university is seen as valuable. The recipient of the Per Brahe scientific prize, chosen by the Foundation’s Board, is given the prize at the Foundation Delegation’s ordinary autumn meeting, held in December. The Per Brahe prize has so far been awarded to 37 researchers.

List of Per Brahe prize recipients

The Ralf Törngren prize

In order to honour Ralf Törngren’s work for the good of the Foundation, Åbo Akademi University and the Student Union of Åbo Akademi, the Foundation initiated the Ralf Törngren prize in 2001. The prize currently amounts to 6,000 euros and is awarded to a student or member of staff at Åbo Akademi who, in parallel with his or her studies or work, has made considerable efforts towards the development of Åbo Akademi or its student union. In 2001–2018 the prize has been award to a total of 16 persons.

The Ralf Törngren prize recipients 2001-

The Donner Institute prize for outstanding research into religion

The Donner Institute Prize