Support for the Åbo Akademi University

Support for culture

The Foundation supports Finland-Swedish cultural activities by, for example, maintaining the Sibelius Museum, the museum “Ett Hem”, an artist’s home Casa Haartman,  Kankas Manor and by putting the theatre building at the disposal of Åbo Svenska Teater, the Swedish-speaking theatre in Åbo.

Contributions and legacies

Some donors to the Foundation have stipulated that a given part of the yield of their endowment fund is to be allocated to Åbo Akademi or the Åbo Akademi Foundation as a contribution, or to named recipients as a legacy. More information on these allocations is found through the links below.

Contributions in 2017 (in Swedish)

Legacies in 2017  (in Swedish)

Other funding



More information in Åbo Akademi’s scholarship guide for students

and for researchers and Åbo Akademi employees.



The Foundation annually awards the Per Brahe prize to an outstanding researcher. The Ralf Törngren-prize is given to a student or member of staff at Åbo Akademi who has made considerable efforts for Åbo Akademi or its student union. The Donner Institute’s research prize is given to reward current and recently published research within the subject of comparative religion at a Nordic university.

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Other funding

On application, the Board and the CEO of the Foundation may award contributions and funding for activities that fit the general purposes of the Foundation. Applications can be formulated freely, but should include a project budget and a funding plan. Signed applications should be sent by post or e-mail to the Foundation’s office.

When either the Board or the CEO has made a decision of granting funding or a contribution  the name of the beneficiary is being published on the home page of the Foundation and in the Annual Report.

The Board meetings are on the following dates: 23.1, 27.3, 16.4, 5.6, 28-29.8, 3.10, 7.11 and 10.12.2018.