Real estate

The Åbo Akademi University Foundation owns and manages a diverse real estate portfolio, amounting to a total floor area of about 135,000 square metres. In addition to purely commercial property investments, the portfolio also includes buildings which are let to beneficiaries at below market rates or for free. At the end of 2016, the estimated market value of the Foundation’s total real estate assets amounted to about 322 million euros. Of this, about 73 million euros represent non-profit properties. The table below shows the structure of the real estate portfolio according to market value:

  • Educational premises 48.9 %
  • Retail space 19.7 %
  • Offices 19.7%
  • Residential 9.9%
  • Land and other 6.9%

Current real estate projects

The Reuter House, Henriksgatan 9, Åbo

Renovation of the Reuter House started in May 2016, and it was completed in Fall 2017.  The so-called Reuter House, which stands at the corner of Henriksgatan and Domkyrkogatan, was built in 1861–1863 for the Court of Appeal President, Carl Procopé. This residential building was designed by the Swedish-born architect Georg Theodor Chiewitz and his colleague Frans Lüchou. The Foundation bought the building in the early 1920s, and it has since housed the Åbo Akademi Business School, the Course Book Library and the Faculty of Theology, among others.

Properties for rent

The Åbo Akademi Foundation owns about 230 flats in Åbo and a few in Helsingfors. Flats currently for rent can be seen here. A freely formulated rental application can also be submitted here.

Information for tenants

Practical information for tenants is found here, from contact information to the regulations of the premises.

Offices and commercial premises

Educational premises

Residential premises

Other premises