The Board monitors the Foundation’s administration and takes responsibility for ensuring that its activities are organised in ways appropriate to its purposes. The Board supervises the proper management of the Foundation’s accounts and assets. The Board appoints a chair and a vice chair among its members for one calendar year at a time. The Board has an average of seven meetings per year.

The Board in 2018

  • Peter Boström, Councillor of Commerce, Chair of the Board
  • Ebba Dåhli, Master of Economics
  • Timo Ketonen, Master of Economics
  • Gisela Knuts, Lawyer, Doctor of Law, Vice Chair of the Board
  • Johan Kronberg, Master of  Economics
  • Jan Lång, Senior Advisor
  • Stefan Wallin, Member of Parliament, Master of Social Science
  • CEO Lasse Svens, presenter
  • Director, Business Administration/Accounting and HR Marian Westerlund, secretary of the Board