The Åbo Akademi University Foundation manages 407 funds in accordance with the principles given in the deeds of gift and wills. Of these funds, 339 are managed in a book-entry system, where the funds are treated as one entity when it comes to allocating the yield, but individually, considering the regulations of each fund, when distributing the disposable means. Of the funds in the book-entry system, 161 are for the benefit of Åbo Akademi University, 125 are scholarship funds and the remaining 53 are funds serving the purposes of the Foundation. Of the 68 funds managed outside of the book-entry system, the total capital of 18 funds is invested in real estate properties which do not yield any profits (university buildings, the theatre building), while 14 are funds with special conditions, and 38 are memorial funds within the Foundation’s unrestricted equity.

In addition to the assets managed directly by the Foundation there are a number of funds and foundations, in Finland and abroad, which are managed by other institutions and the yields of which are entirely or partly used for the benefit of the Åbo Akademi University Foundation or Åbo Akademi.