Collections and museums

With the founding of Åbo Akademi University, private individuals were inspired to follow the international practice of making donations to the university, to be used for teaching and for scientific purposes.

Many university collections have originally been established on the basis of teaching and research needs. Such collections have traditionally comprised books, manuscripts, works of art and decorative objects, as well as biological and geological units. Many donors have had a personal connection to the university.


The Museum Ett Hem

Consul Alfred Jacobsson and his wife Hélène donated their home and its entire interior to the Åbo Akademi University Foundation in 1928, with the stipulation that it was to be kept intact and open to the public as a museum illustrating a Finnish upper-class milieu at the turn of the century. The collections comprise Finnish turn-of-the-century art, furniture, glass and porcelain.

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The Sibelius Museum

The Sibelius Museum is the only museum in Finland entirely dedicated to music. A selection of the museum’s collection of more than 1,800 traditional instruments from all over the world is on display. The life and work of Jean Sibelius is presented in a separate exhibition.

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Kankas manor

Kankas Manor in Masku, which dates back to the 15th century, was included in the property portfolio of the Foundation in 1992. The manor, with an additional ten historical buildings in its immediate surroundings, make up an integral part of the country´s cultural heritage.

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The art collection

The art collection goes back to the early days of Åbo Akademi when members of the staff were portraited. Over the years, the collection has grown through donations. Portraits and Finnish art from the 19th and 20th centuries form the bulk of the collection. The art collection is administered by curator Ulrika Grägg.

Other collections

The maritime collections are deposited at the Forum Marinum maritime centre in Åbo where the Åbo Akademi Maritime History Institute is also situated. The coin and medal collection has been deposited with the City of Turku historical coin and medal cabinet since 1987. The geological-mineralogical collections are administered by the Åbo Akademi Department of Geology and Mineralogy. The biological collections are deposited at Turku University’s botanical and zoological museums.

Casa Haartman

Casa Haartman is the former home of the artist Axel Haartman, designed by Erik Bryggman and built 1925-26. The villa represents 1920s classicism with influences from Italy. The home has a well-preserved collection of furniture, antiquities, books, and an art collection with works of Victor Westerholm, Fanny Churberg, Hélène Schjerfbeck and Axel Haartman.

Axel August Haartman (1877- 1969) was an artist, author and an art critic. He was also the director of the Turku Art museum for 30 years.

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